We are passionate about promoting native plants and biodiversity, using ecologically friendly and
responsible methods to combat
habitat destruction and climate change.

It is possible to make a landscape that is not only beautiful and comfortable for our clients to enjoy and appreciate, it is also sustainable and in harmony with nature. 

At Parkland Nurseries, we work with nature,
not against it,

And we would like to do so in a way that works for you! 

By showing people how to look at things differently.
and by leading them in the right direction,
we can all live in a
way that is
ecologically sound.

In treading lightly on the earth in our daily practices, we are able to enhance our backyards and living spaces to be both a functional and beautiful habitat to coexist with nature.

Utilizing native plants along with mass plantings, we are able to create niches in order to help provide ecological balance. 
We utilize integrated pest management and do not recommend extensive chemical fertilizer regimes for lawns.

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